Birthday Horoscope Reading

Here you can order astrology reports by birthday

Astrology Readings

We offer an alternative approach to astrology.

Here you can order exclusive horoscope readings with interpretation of your birth chart and predictions for the future.

Our readings are based on Vedic or Indian astrology. Thereby we consider your birth details: date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

From your birth horoscope we can derive much about your personality and your destiny. What will be the main challenges which you have to face in your life financially, at work, in your family and in your love life.

Thereafter we investigate the transits of the different planets in the next year or the following years. From this we can deduce which trends will manifest in your life and at which moment they will occur.

Here you can download a sample-reading: sample

The price for a reading is only 25 USD.

About us

My name is Jerome and I work as a professional astrologer. I have studied Indian or Vedic astrology for many years. I always try to make accurate interpretations and predictions based on the true astrological rules.

In the last years we have delivered hundreds of astrology reports to people from many countries around the world.